Bring Your Interior Decor to the Outdoors

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Now that the nice weather is here to stay, you’ll likely be spending a lot more time in your backyard. Does it reflect your the style of the interior of your home, or is there some serious disconnect? It’s time to make your backyard your own!

There are many things you can do without considering a renovation:

Slipcovers: If your outdoor furniture is looking a little drab (or you’ve decided on a colour palette and they no longer match) you can utilize slipcovers to bring life back into your patio furniture without completely replacing it.

Throw pillows: Compliment your new slipcovers with some decorative pillows! This is a small way to bring big personality to your backyard.

Soft walls: These are created with some curtain rods and curtains. Perfect for creating extra privacy and even hiding structural posts on your back deck or gazebo.

Outdoor area rugs: Are you working with a concrete floor in your backyard patio? Or maybe a less-than-ideal wood floor of your deck? A quick way to hide this and create a cozy space is to put down an outdoor area rug!

Mirrors: If you’ve put off creating your backyard oasis because of a lack of space, adding some mirrors to your decor can work wonders for you. Just like they do inside of your house, mirrors can add depth and make a room feel bigger – even when it’s outside!

Weatherproof Art: Art isn’t limited to paintings (although outdoor waterproof art exists), so this is a great opportunity to add some outdoor sculptures to bring a classy look to your backyard space.

Lights: There are so many inexpensive options when it comes to lighting, that you can use them in a big way in your exterior design. Consider weaving them within your soft walls to create a soft glow, covering the roof of your gazebo with them for a starry night effect, or simply weaving them around the deck railings!

If you’re lost on where to start, let us get you started by picking the perfect colour scheme and browsing our outdoor fabrics to get inspired!

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  • rosemary avery

    Welcome to Cobourg – l am sooo sorry that this virus has curtailed your business opening – but l just want to welcome you and wish you all the success in your new locatin. Your tasteful, elegant business is a welcome to Cobourg and sorely needed. Patience will have to be a virtue at the moment but looking forward to meeting you , cheers

    • Acanthus Interiors

      Thank you for your comment. We were sorry to close our retail store back in June when our lease was up. This past fall we were thrilled to find a small retail space in Cobourg and have been overwhelmed with the welcoming support. We look forward to you visiting our store when the time is right for you.
      Best regards, Donna and Lawrence Londry

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