One of a Kind Toss Cushions from Acanthus Interiors

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One of a Kind Toss Cushions from Acanthus Interiors

We recently traveled to the South of France to take a break from our wonderful, busy first year as owners of Acanthus Interiors. During our trip, we were delighted to find Mouj Kashmiri Gallery, a small family business located in Antibes, France. They carry a wonderful assortment of carpets and toss cushion shells made in Kashmir and imported to France. The products are hand made with silk. We were so impressed with the quality and workmanship that we brought back a small assortment of toss cushion shells.

The designs are replicas of art by Picasso, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Khalo and others from an era where the artist used multiple vantage points to fracture images into geometric forms.  The colours are vibrant and the patterns unique!

We have the shells available for $129 or with a pillow fill for $149.



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