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Design Trends 2021


We are writing this blog on a beautiful, sunny winter afternoon researching the predicted design trends for this year. As a result, here is a link to a Forbes article that may be of interest to you. As you read it, please do let us know if you find anything surprising as we love to discuss anything design! Some trends, such as more colour in many of this year’s designs and softer surfaces, were evident as we dug into the subject. Green is a big comeback colour trend; another is incorporating the old with the new – we do not think this ever got ‘old’ as our own home brims with a mix of antiques and contemporary designed furnishings and fabrics. However, we want to draw your focus to one trend that emerged in 2020, quoted in the Forbes article – furniture made with more curves.

The Cuddler:

Now this 2021 trend was certainly not a surprise as we saw this materialize with our supplier of Canadian custom furniture, Vogel by Chervin. They have created a beautiful sectional piece – a cuddle corner or dubbed the ‘cuddler’. We have one sectional, the Broadway, on display in our store with this feature. Furthermore, the model was upholstered in a gorgeous, mushroom colour chenille from one of our fabulous fabric suppliers. The curve of the cuddle corner is perfect to curl up and enjoy a good read or a favorite program. The design of this sectional gives a feeling of inclusion and expansion making an inviting statement – come relax with me!

Reach Us:

Though you cannot drop into our store for these first few weeks of January, you do not have to wait to explore furniture options. We can help you begin the process of finding the perfect piece of furniture virtually. Contact us at [email protected] or phone 905-885-8648. We would be delighted to discuss options, book a virtual consultation and start designing for your space.

We wish you a very Happy New Year and we look forward to serving you soon.

Donna and Lawrence Londry

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